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In the present world, we observe neither peace nor general prosperity, but rather increasing division, discord and calamities of all kinds. Doubtfulness and lack of interest in spiritual life bring an era of gross materialism, hypocrisy and chaos. From Vedic viewpoint, these clearly arise from a complete neglect of the need for spiritual advancement. Peace and happiness without spiritual activism is a futile attempt to establish the kingdom of God without God. The Vedas tell us that beyond the limited material world, is the infinite spiritual world, the abode of Krishna and His expansions. There exists non-perishable soul that has a blissful relation with the Soul.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha at Abohar, Punjab Enlightened Path of Permanent Bliss

To educate people about this everlasting source of joy and peace, DJJS organized a seven-day Shrimad Bhagwat Katha from 23rd to 29th September, 2019 at Abohar, Punjab. Thousands of people attended the program. The devotional songs captivated the audience and spread positive vibrations making it easier for everyone to grasp the divine message inherited in the Katha.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha at Abohar, Punjab Enlightened Path of Permanent Bliss

The orator of the program Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji (Disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji) enlightened the audience about the deeds of Shri Krishna and the divine messages inherited in His acts. God assumes a human form in order to teach how humankind may rise to the level of God. Shri Krishna is considered as the ray of the Absolute, somebody having infinite capacity, unfathomable potential and omnipotence in behavior. He was a great teacher and spiritual inspiration as well as the consummate politician. His teachings helped to uplift people of all the levels and they illumine the path of knowledge and devotion. His teachings are never more relevant than today as they neither let you get lost in material pursuits nor make you completely withdrawn. 

He explains that we should be free from all attachments while still maintaining loving relationships and upholding our family responsibilities. Shri Krishna made an indelible impression upon mankind’s collective consciousness—re-educating the world about devotion, dharma as well as the ultimate reality. He urges us to live according to our true dharma, to remain steadfast in it, and thus advance in life toward the ultimate goal.

The orator further explained that no matter how advanced a person has become and irrespective of his worldly achievements, his chase for peace will not come to an end unless he connects to the supreme power within his own self. Therefore, spirituality is not only ultimate aim of Human Life but it is the dire need of the hour considering the situation of today’s being.

All the scriptures has said in unison that only the Perfect Spiritual Master of the time can lead a being towards the way within by bestowing upon him the rare science of Spiritual Knowledge (“Brahm Gyan”).  Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is such a saint who has not just mastered this rare science of Brahm Gyan but has also revealed it and made it accessible to masses. Thus, one must strive to find such a Master who would lead him from darkness of ignorance to light of awakening. No intellectual knowledge or outside methodologies suffice in bringing a transformation in individual’s action and behavioural pattern. DJJS welcomed one and all to realize and practice Lord Krishna’s teachings within.

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