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A saint sent one of his disciples to the nearby yearly fair. The disciple was in meditation for years. The saint wanted to test the disciple’s ability to keep calm irrespective of the situation. The disciple entered the fair. As he was walking around, someone stepped on his right toe. The anger which the disciple experienced at that moment, even though the person had apologized, was unmatched. The disciple returned to his meditation place. Upon a discussion on the same incident with his spiritual Master (Guru), the disciple realized that he still had a long road to finish before becoming a complete tranquil person. He again meditated and during the time of next yearly fair, with the permission of his Master, decided to test himself for the same. The same incident happened but this time he smiled because he didn’t lose his focus. The path of spirituality demands focus which arises from surrender and faith in the goodness of Guru’s every teaching.

Soulful Meditation Reemphasized in the Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab

To remind the same to all the disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS held yet another energizing monthly spiritual congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab on May 12, 2019. Beginning with the chanting of Ved Mantra, the trained musician disciples of DJJS made the event even more soothing by singing various melodious devotional songs. The thought-provoking spiritual discourses by the preacher disciples of DJJS lent another invigorating dimension to the program.

Sadhvi Ji brought to the attention of the audience the value of being in constant touch with the divine within for the overall growth of every disciple not only in the realm of spirituality but within the world as well. The true power to bring any kind of good change lies within all of us. We have been bestowed with the pious ancient Indian technique called Brahm Gyan (divine knowledge) by our Satguru His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji to shape our lives along the lines of moral purity. In this path, the biggest roadblock is frustration and anger we experience over things beyond our control. These aspects of human nature corrode our inner source of peace and hinder our spiritual advancement. We feel empowered when we focus on performing the commands of our Guru, i.e., meditation and selfless service in the propagation of spiritual truth. Just like we cannot replace food as the source of energy for the human body, similarly, mediation will always remain the only source of energy for the mind and soul. Sadhvi Ji requested everyone to retain their focus on meditation, for that alone can bring about positive change within. The event was brought to closure through the distribution of prasadam (community feast).

Soulful Meditation Reemphasized in the Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab

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