Yoga Session at District Jail, Kaithu, Shimla Taught Youth About Healthy Life Habits


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“Peace cannot be established in the outer world unless every entity is at peace with itself”

Similar notes reverberated in the premises of District Jail, Kaithu, Shimla where Antarkranti organized a one-day spiritual discourse and meditation session on 10th May 2018.

DJJS preachers Swami Vigyananand Ji, Sadhvi Sandeep Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Mamta Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Harideepika Ji presided over the event. The assistant superintendent of the jail, Lalit Mohan Ji graced the program by his presence.

The preachers emphasized on the melancholy prevailing amongst the youth of the nation as they are aimlessly wandering in today’s materialistic world oblivious to the negativity prevailing around them and are being enticed in the trap of drugs due to depression. There is urgent need more than ever to turn inwards & seek the identity of self. Exemplifying the freedom fighters of the nation, Swami Ji accentuated on the need of spiritual and character development amongst the youth which can only be realized by being blessed with Brahm Gyan and the related spiritual pursuits. It was a double benefit occasion for the audience of 360 prisoners as Swami Ji also demonstrated various yoga asanas and pranayama techniques and gave tips on inculcating healthy habits in the daily routine which are essential for maintaining good health. The audience also pledged to do all that is necessary to conserve culture & nature.

The program concluded with distribution of Akhand Gyan, the monthly magazine published by the Sansthan, to the audience and the prison authorities appreciated the various socio-spiritual endeavors of Antarkranti.

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