Swine Flu Awareness session held for school students in Ahmedabad


 In the wake of the rising number of swine flu cases in Ahmedabad, an Awareness session on Swine Flu was held in Jagruti Vidhya Sankool, Chandkheda in Ahmedabad on 23rd February 2015. DJJS Preachers of Ahmedabad branch took one hour session with school students and staff sensitizing them about the dos and don'ts to prevent the spread of H1 N1 influenza (swine flu) infection. As children form the most vulnerable group to such communicable diseases, so as to protect them from swine flu proper hand washing technique and sneezing methods were taught during the session. Identifying their skills as the best messengers of information, they were motivated to further convey the messages to their parents, family and other community members.  Pamphlets on swine flu prevention were also distributed. Over 300 students and 15 school staff members were benefitted through this activity and they promised to further spread the message to others. Sh. Suresh Bhai Patel (Principal of school) and Sh. Kanti Bhai Patel (Trusty) appreciated DJJS selfless efforts and sincerity for the welfare of society. The event got coverage in Ahmedabad newspaper ‘Rajasthan Patrika’.

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