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A monthly spiritual congregation acts as a reminder of the ethos of Master-Disciple tradition. It also reasserts the sacred nature of the relationship they share with each other. One such spiritual congregation was held at Hyderabad (Telangana), Bengaluru (Karnataka) on 30th & 31st March 2019. The congregation reinforced the need to maintain the inner connection with one’s GURU consistently. This connection, as has been mentioned by wise saints of all times, said Swami Narendranand Ji, can be formed by a simple yet powerful tool called, prayer at the lotus feet of the GURU. 

The Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Bengaluru & Hyderabad Emphasized the Importance of Prayer

Swami Ji explained that prayer requires the disciple to surrender completely to the will of his/her Guru. Only the Guru knows the real TRUTH, which is impermanence. So, a Guru does everything only for the benefit and spiritual upliftment of His disciples. His love for his disciples is unconditional. Only a true Guru can evoke the nectar of divinity within the confines of the human body and guide us towards our ultimate goal, i.e. moksha. 

The Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Bengaluru & Hyderabad Emphasized the Importance of Prayer

In this ever busy and noisy world it’s only the Guru who can help us stay tranquil and peaceful from within, provided the disciple reciprocates the efforts of the Guru by following His commands and teachings, of which prayer is the most important and powerful. Prayer acts as a shield against our wavering minds and gives us a sense of direction, when everything seems to fall apart

Prayer brings the disciple even closer to the Guru. The soulful devotional bhajans presented by the trained musician disciples of H H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji reverberated this philosophy beautifully, mesmerising the devotees. The program concluded with the distribution of prasadam.

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