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Extra-ordinary times call for exceptional measures and effort to counter the effect. The Spiritual revolution been undertaken by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master of current time, is the divine journey to new era. Miracles can happen under His will. His teachings are the guiding light for all through the life and beyond. His kindness is the remedy for wounded hearts. Only he can bring all the people of different creed, religion and levels under one roof; and spearhead them to walk together to create history. On the other hand, Guru for a disciple is the highest expression of all the relations in the world and yet not limited to that. This bond gets unfathomable when the disciple ardently devotes each breath for the love and service of this Guru.

The Pious Love of Guru Drenched Each Soul with the Nectar of Bhakti at Monthly Spiritual Congregation in Delhi

The Monthly Spiritual Congregation held at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi on 1st July was organized for the supreme purpose of recalling every one of the golden occasion bestowed upon us by the Lord.  The venue was filled with exceedingly large assemble of devotees resolved to tread sincerely on the path chartered for them by their Satguru.

The Pious Love of Guru Drenched Each Soul with the Nectar of Bhakti at Monthly Spiritual Congregation in Delhi

Learned preachers dispersed the seeds of wisdom by way of discourses and series of devotional bhajans. The congregation was entirely immersed in the colours of Guru-Bhakti. Heart filled emotions reverberated in the atmosphere. The paradigm of disciple devotion, unflinching faith in Master and self-services were unraveled with the brimming examples from the history as was the case of father- son Saman bhai ji and Musan bhai ji who were disciples of Guru ArjanDev Ji. They were materialistically poor but in order to fulfill the seva task and save the prestige of their Master, Musan ji requested his father to cut off his head when they were about to get caught stealing the food material which they failed to accumulate even after rigorous work and saving every penny. And the father without a flick sacrificed his son to complete the seva task allotted. The omniscient Master, in return, instilled life back into the body of his beloved disciple by simply calling out his name. Words cannot sufficiently describe the role Guru plays in life of disciple and his transcendental ways of lifting the soul up to divinity.

His Holiness through various mediums has asserted time and again that the current phase is of utmost importance and an opportunity for disciples to demonstrate adherence towards the Guru and his commandments. It is the time to solidify and purify oneself from within by pursing the path laid. It is the time to wake up to the bells of Sewa, Sadhna, Satsang and Sumiran.

These monthly sermons are reminder for every disciple to reflect upon the time gone by and witness the Guru’s sustaining grace that leads us every single moment, stimulate the focus towards the spiritual goals, and to gear up disciples for the obstacles and testing times on the path of righteousness. Devotees were absorbed to the core and offered salutations to the Guru with tear filled eyes, sheathing voice, and commitment accompanied by humbleness. The prodigious nature of these congregations is unparalleled in the world bringing about large scale transformations.

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