With Sadhvi Viveka Bharti Ji as Katha Vyas, a Shiv Katha was organized under the divine grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) at Sujanpur (Pathankot), Punjab from 11th April to 15th April, 2017. The Katha was attended by a huge audience under a large marquee. Sadhvi Ji through the Katha explained to the present devotees the symbolic meaning of Shiv’s ornaments. Sadhvi Ji said that Lord Shiv wears three snakes on his body; one in the neck and one on each arm. He wears them as ornaments. The three snakes on Shiv’s body represent the three form of time: past, present, and future, indicating to the devotee his triumph over time. Hence, he is called the God of time as well as god beyond time. Another meaning the snakes represent according to the Hindu mythology is that of greed. It is said that many a time snakes are found in the chambers containing treasure. Thus, lord Shiv’s wearing of snakes also represents his triumph over Maya (illusion/ greed). Snakes on lord Shiv’s body, then, indicate to the devotee that it is possible to win over time and greed but only through the true knowledge of the soul.

The Shiv Katha at Sujanpur (Pathankot), Punjab Explicated the Symbolic Meaning of Shiv’s Ornaments

Thirdly, snakes are considered to be violent creatures. They are venomous or poisonous. They have anger and hostility as part of their nature. Wearing of such a creature, thus, shows Lord Shiv’s strength, power, and humbleness. It shows to the devotee that with true dedication a human being can attain Lord Shiv’s characteristics too. But dedication of what kind? The answer to this question, said Sadhvi Ji, is spiritual one, willingness to which only awakens when an awakened spiritual teacher awakens the human being too. A true spiritual master shows the actual form of the inner self, i.e., light without beginning and end. Then, begins the spiritual journey of the spiritual seeker. The seeker becomes awakened and her/his self becomes humble yet strong.

The Shiv Katha at Sujanpur (Pathankot), Punjab Explicated the Symbolic Meaning of Shiv’s Ornaments

The other element, stated Sadhvi Ji, Lord Shiv wears as an ornament and which holds great metaphoric relevance is ash from the human crematory grounds. The human ash on Lord Shiv’s body is representative of his sense of selflessness and sainthood. It represents his complete acknowledgment of death. It denotes that being within the ambit of Maya (illusion) he has overturned its effects, and is beyond its impact. This feature tells the devotee that, like lord Shiv, it is possible for her/him to step out of the web of illusions of the cycle of happiness and grief as well as birth and death. The sense of self, then, that is witnessed by the devotee is not any kind of aloofness from the world but rather a completeness beaming from the luminous soul. Sadhvi Ji ended the Katha by welcoming the devotees to become part of DJJS so as to take Brahm Gyan from His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and begin their spiritual journey.

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