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The sacred festival of Navratri is a reminder of women power, victory of good over evil and girl child worship. But it is remembered only for 9 days and then forgotten for the rest of the days as society continues to face the declining condition of women. DJJS Santulan denounces this paradox in the form of a mass awareness campaign under the name “Durga pujan ke desh mein Mahilayon ke saath Hinsa Kyun?” . One such program was organized on 2nd October 2022 at Bidhipur in Jalandhar, Punjab which witnessed more than 1000 women participants and children.

This Navratri, DJJS Santulan reminds of Goddess residing in every woman, at Jalandhar, Punjab

In every woman, lies a Goddess. The need is to understand that only bowing down in front of the idols is not sufficient but to respect the womenfolk is a must. This campaign endeavours to construct the mindsets to bow down to female deity and to give equal respect and value to the womenfolk in their surroundings.

An awe inspiring traditional dance performances in the form of Devi Stuti and ballet were presented by Santulan volunteers, expressing the delight of Navratri, followed by an awakening skit displaying the character of Gargi, which depicts how much enriched women were in knowledge in ancient times as well. The program was hosted by Sadhvi Pallavi Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Kanwal Bharti Ji who emphasised on violence against women in the land where festival like Navratri is celebrated to worship girl child and women are honoured as incarnations of Goddess.

This Navratri, DJJS Santulan reminds of Goddess residing in every woman, at Jalandhar, Punjab

The event was followed by an educative tale of the assassination of the demon Mahishasur by the Goddess Durga. Troubled by his atrocities, Durga, the incarnation of Adi Shakti (divine feminine energy) was invoked, who waged a nine day-long battle against the near-invincible demon.

This tale, which is presented by Sadhvi Tapaswini Bharti Ji who shed the light on the literal meaning of Mahishasur Mardini and highlighted the role of female potential and hence illustrate the importance of women power.

The event was summarised by the presentation of Tu Hai Shakti Song of DJJS Santulan, with the idea to induce the comprehensive attitude change to ignite the power within and to educate the masses about women empowerment by taking concrete measures. 

Catch a sight of grand programs held under the said campaign, by following DJJS Santulan’s official handles - @djjssantulan on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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