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Amidst the students of K. N. Modi Global School, an elaborative discussion cum workshop was held by the Bodh team of Meerut branch, in order to aware them about the ill effects of experimenting or consuming drugs.

'Timely Awareness can save a wrong decision' – ‘Say No’ workshop at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

According to the studies, in most of the cases, students in the absence of timely information fall in the trap of drug abuse. Moreover, their innate nature of inquisitiveness makes the situation worse.  And, in the name of exploration, students try to experiment with gateway-drugs like smoking and consuming alcohol. The Incessant pressures from all sides like peer pressure and social pressure further forces them to continue the use of these dangerous intoxicants in order to feel normal.

Therefore, considering the fact, Bodh team of DJJS Meerut, visited K. N Modi Global school and conducted one and half hour session on the perils of experimenting or consuming drugs with various interactive and educative tools. With screeing of subject related videos, presentations and educative activities students could receive the message of "how to say no to drugs".

'Timely Awareness can save a wrong decision' – ‘Say No’ workshop at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Along with students, the school staff members and school authority also took participation and appreciated the efforts of the organization for generating awareness on a mass level.

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