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The monthly spiritual congregation in Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab was special in various ways. Held on 7th October, 2018, it was attended by hundreds of devotees who were eager to quench their thirst on spirituality and Brahm Gyan. During the spiritual discourse, the process of Dhyan was explained. In our scriptures it is mentioned that broadly there are two states of human awareness- waking and sleeping. The ignorant ones believe that when they are aware of their physical senses they are awake while when they are unaware of their senses they are asleep. However, the ones with true knowledge know that even when the gross sense organs are alert, they are not truly awake. True alertness occurs in the state of deep Dhyan during which the self becomes one with the consciousness- it is when direct perception of divinity occurs within self.

Unison with the Self Enunciated in Monthly Spiritual Congregation, DMK, Punjab

Preacher disciple Sadhvi Ji elaborated this point saying that the great souls can dwell in this state of unison every moment of their lives but the common person also can experience this state in Dhyan. A perfect master like Sadguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, can initiate any common person to this state of divinity. Once this unison is achieved a person can take up and accomplish the most challenging tasks as they experience highest degree of personal enhancement which is from the core. This true technique of Dhyan has the capability to bring about peace within an individual. This is the technique by which humans get realization that the same divine power which is within them also resides within all beings and hence all fellow beings should be cared for and treated alike.

During the discourse Sadhvi Ji narrated a beautiful incident in which His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji had given an eye-opening explanation to a query. Once a surgeon had come to meet Sri Maharaj ji, he put a question- ‘Maharaj ji, as I am a surgeon by profession I have done plenty of surgeries and have dissected all parts of the human body. However, I have never encountered with God in the body though as per your lectures God resides within the body.’ Maharaj Ji then requested one of the attendants to bring a match box. He then took out the match sticks and started breaking the sticks into small pieces. Seeing this the surgeon got very confused and asked- ‘Maharaj ji, what is it that you are doing’ and Maharaj Ji said people say there is fire in this but though I have broken them into small pieces I don’t see any fire. Maharaj Ji then said- just like there is a technique to generate fire from these sticks, there is indeed a unique technique to envision God within oneself. You need to seek for a true Guru who can bestow this technique to you.

Unison with the Self Enunciated in Monthly Spiritual Congregation, DMK, Punjab

Devotees experience a sense of bliss as they knew about the true purpose of human life in this monthly spiritual congregation.

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