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As lungs are to humans so are forests to our planet earth. Yes! Forests are called the ‘Lungs of the Earth’ for they are factories which consume carbon dioxide and in turn give oxygen. However, today these nature-made units stand threatened owing to rapid change in land- use patterns. Studies reveal that everyday a forest patch equivalent to the size of football field is cut down from the tropical forests. The consequences of this loss are already seen in rising threat of climate change and threatened species. In the urban environments the impact is much more serious owing to rising vehicular pollution. 

Van Mahotsav 2017| Rigorous tree plantation and sapling distribution drives undertaken across the country to save the lungs of the earth

Today, restoring the health of the planet has become an urgent need. Tree plantation is the best nature- given technology to restore the health of the planet. However, tree plantation is not just sowing a sapling in the soil, it beholds profound ecosystem science behind it. The kind of varieties chosen, time, place and way they are planted are most significant things to take care while tree plantation. Further, enriching the soil, after care of the sapling stand equally important to ensure grow and sustainability of the plant.

Indian traditional tree festival Van Mahotsav has kept this science alive for centuries now, however as modern generations distance from the Indian culture, this profound science of tree plantation and management of ecosystem health is being gradually lost. 

Van Mahotsav 2017| Rigorous tree plantation and sapling distribution drives undertaken across the country to save the lungs of the earth

Bearing the aforesaid in mind, DJJS Nature Conservation Program- Sanrakshan started celebrating the Indian tree festival- Van Mahotsav annnually during the months of July & August. Aligning the celebration with Guru Purnima, DJJS undertakes rigorous sensitization and engagement activities throughout its network.  To motivate and steer people on the path of nature conservation DJJS undertakes distribution of thousands of saplings annually.

Furthering the same, Sanrakshan celebrated Van Mahotsav 2017 across DJJS Network of branches in India.  Here are details of plantation and sapling distribution activities undertaken by various branches.

DJJS Amravati Branch, Maharashtra

DJJS Amravati undertook saplings distribution at Deshmukh Lawn, Shegaon-Rahatgaon Road on Guru Purnima, 9 July 2017. Post spiritual discourse session organized by the sansthan on the occasion of Guru Purnima, the volunteers of the branch sensitized the devotees regarding the importance of trees and encouraged them to engage in tree plantation in order to restore ecosystem health. Around 100 saplings including Heda, Kadwa badaam, Amla, Imli & Peepal were distributed.

DJJS Chakan Branch, Maharashtra

The branch undertook two programs on the occasion.  One was undertaken at ashram ground in Shel Pimpalgaon on 12th July. 70 saplings including Amla, Peepal, Jamun, Coconut, Imli, etc. were planted and distributed. Sh. Baba Thakur (President Of Sumant High School, Thakur Pimpri), Ganesh Walunj (Sarpanch, Thakur Pimpri), Makardhwaj Doundkar (Lawyer), Sunil Devkar (BJP) and Roopali Rohit Pardeshi, (Gat Pramukh, Tanishq) were some eminent guests who graced the occasion with their presence. In addition, DJJS Chakan organized a program at Shreya Lawns, Talegaon Road in which around 250 tulsi saplings were distributed post a sensitization session on importance of Tulsi- the sacred herb.

DJJS Pathardi Branch, Maharashtra

DJJS Pathardi branch undertook tree plantation on 7th July in the ashram ground to celebrate Van Mahotsav. Swami Nirupanand ji apprised children of Savitribai Phule Vidyalay and other participants about importance of the occasion and motivated them to plant more and more trees to save Earth. Around 50 saplings including Neem, Mango, Coconut & Imli were planted during the drive. Jayshri Chaudhari Ji (Principal of the School) also graced the occasion with her presence.

DJJS Bengaluru Branch, Karnataka

DJJS Bengaluru commemorated Van Mahotsav on the occasion of Guru Purnima at Umiya Bhavan, RPC Layout. The branch distributed around 1500 saplings of Ashwaganda, Ajwain, Adugose, Lemongrass the people and also motivated them to preserve the planted saplings, and contribute towards a greener planet.

DJJS Ludhiana Branch, Punjab

DJJS Ludhiana organized a sensitization program called “Arohan” in Kailash Nagar to commemorate Van Mahotsav. In the beginning, a lecture was delivered by Sadhvi Kiran bharti ji, in which she explained the plight of nature and clarified the threats posed on planet if humans continue to decrease the forest cover. She discussed the statistics of Ludhiana in particular. Thereafter, a though provoking skit was presented by the volunteers highlighting how humans waste the Earth resources and what all destruction it has caused to the planet. The volunteers also performed dance ballet on the same issue. In the end, the branch undertook tree plantation and explained everyone how trees help in solving all environmental problems. The branch had also set up an exhibition to give personal counselling to people and encourage them for tree plantation.

DJJS Dabwali Malkon Ki Branch, Punjab

The branch observed Van Mahotsav on 2nd July by distributing saplings to people and guests of honor. Swami Avinash ji, disciple of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji encouraged masses to stay dedicated on the path of conserving our already declining forests, for they are basis of human survival. Chief Inspector S.Bikramjeet Singh Lambi, Incharge Bhai khera Station, and Sarpanch and Pachas were the eminent guests for the occasion. Almost 500 saplings including Neem, Amla & Tulsi etc. were distributed and people were motivated to look after the planted saplings so as to derive maximum benefit out of them and contribute towards a healthy environment.

DJJS Gwalior Branch, M.P.

DJJS Gwalior branch observed Van Mahotsav on July 9, 2017, along with the Guru Purnima program, organized at Sanskriti Garden. People were explained the significance of the festival and were distributed saplings to mark their support towards nature conservation. Around 1000 saplings (including Tulsi, flower saplings & herbal plants) were distributed during the program. In the end, people promised to plant those saplings and stay committed towards nature protection.

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