More than 600 people visited in three days Yoga and Ayurvedic camp - ‘Vilakshan Yog Shivir’ held at Company Garden, ASR, Amritsar in Punjab from 24th to 26th February, 2016. Under the divine guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, DJJS through ‘Vilakshan Yog Shivir’ has been promoting Yoga, Pranayama and Ayurveda as an intangible cultural heritage of India.

Vilakshan Yog Shivir held at Company Garden in Amritsar

Yogacharyas Shri Raju ji and Swami Vigyanand Ji, disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji - head and founder of DJJS, and experts in yoga undertook Yoga and Pranayama sessions in early hours of morning. A large number of enthusiastic people from all age groups came forward to rejuvenate themselves with Yoga and Pranayama. Over two hour Yoga session, in early hours of morning from 6 am to 8 am daily for three days, various yoga asanas, such as Kapaal-bharti, Anulom-vilom, Naadi-shodhan, etc were performed and taught pertaining to the daily life problems like backache, hyper blood pressure, obesity, joint pains etc. along with brief commentary highlighting their significance to the different bodily functions. Approximately 400 people (150 men, 250women) participated and were benefitted from this Yog Shivir. Swami Vigyananand Ji, talked about how the use of technology has increased our health issues rather than easing them out, he through many instances focused on going natural as far as daily chores are concerned. “Regular Yogic practice not only promotes good health but  is also an effective treatment for a variety of auto-immune diseases as often evident as stiffness, malaise, fatigue and weakness” said Swami ji.

Vilakshan Yog Shivir held at Company Garden in Amritsar

Also an ‘Ayurvedic Chikitsa Shivir’ was also put up to create awareness and to provide ayurvedic treatment for various ailments. Ayurvedacharya Dr. Jyananandji, an eminent Ayurveda expert, provided free consultation to 230 patients in consecutive three days and prescribed ayurvedic medicines. Well researched ayurvedic medicines manufactured at SAM Ayurveda Pharmacy were provided to patients at concessional price.

DJJS organizes various ‘Yog Shivir’ camps for free and promotes the total fitness in mind, body and soul. There was an over whelming response from the participants. The event got coverage in media –‘Dainik Savera’.

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