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“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors…” - African Proverb

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 came as one of the biggest threats and challenges to humankind. But with comprehensive and collective efforts, we were able to roll with the punches and ultimately, with advancements and new approaches, the world is finally starting to stand back on its own feet.

Manthan SVK, a social initiative of DJJS working with an aim to educate the underprivileged section of the society, also came up with a new approach to impart education. Manthan SVK not only digitised all classes but also took upon the task of giving technical training to students and teachers, from creating Gmail IDs to joining Google Classroom and attending Google Meets, as the basics.

At Manthan SVK, we assured that every Manthanite is able to cope with the syllabus and other classroom activities online, for proper growth and development. With the right approach, Teacher Volunteers were able to provide the required content for their subjects, assignments and classroom tests online, through unique tools such as flashcards, e-libraries, presentations and interesting quizzes.

With collective efforts of students and teachers, Manthanites were able to complete their respective classes on time. Moreover, in the month of February, Manthan SVK organised a Virtual Examination Series for all the students across India. The online examination system, based on online testing tools carefully picked for the ease and access of the students, helped to evaluate all the students in a hassle-free way considering the integrity of the exam as well.

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