World Literacy day was celebrated with excitement on Tuesday 8th of september in Manthan SVK, Mangolpuri, Delhi. The session took place in an instant of 3 hours from 4pm to 7pm. The intensity at the session was touching the roof and was informative, understanding for the new generation and for the old.

World Literacy Day Celebrated with Enthusiasm in Manthan SVK, Mangolpuri, Delhi

The gravity of literacy was manifested by fun activities like mesmerising rallies with slogan raisings, inspirational street plays on theme -  Importance of ducation , moral sessions and many more. Over 35 students and their parents came to the session and benefited the outcomes, 8 teachers and volunteers came together as well. Moreover 2 preacher respresentatives from DJJS were also present, Sadhvi Anisha bharti ji and Satyaprabha bharti ji who casted and simplified the moral education session filled with fun and learning.

Rally commenced from the centre of Mangolpuri and was carried over to a local part with educational quotes and inspirational slogans. Students performed the street play 6 times in distinct places, crowd, the community members gathered at the plays were unimaginable and cherished the change in the children and also the hard work and the efforts of volunteers. Furthermore preachers gave a moral session to encourage the avidity of education in our lives.

World Literacy Day Celebrated with Enthusiasm in Manthan SVK, Mangolpuri, Delhi

The dialogue spread out during the rally was "aayiye hum sb mil kar pran lete h ki aaj ke yug me aik aik bacha padha likha hoga or yahi manthan ka bhi uddeshey hoga"The community responded compassionately " ye chote chote bache kitna acha kaam kar rahe hai", which empowered the requirement of a session like this in our society. A mother during the session proudly spoke to her kid and said "tu bhi padhne jaya kar in bacho ki tarah..or inki tarah kuch kar ke dikha" with high hopes for her kid and edging educational drive of the campaign. Massive amount of parents requested for Manthan's address and appreciated the objective with a head held high and a warm heart.

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