Bodh team, working with the vision of establishing Drug Free Society under the parent organization Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, founded and mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji sensitized the throng of people in the early hours of the day at a park in the North West Delhi during a skit played with impactful and exemplary performances. The theme of the skit was ‘how addiction ruins one’s life’. Some of the selflessly dedicated volunteers justifiably enacted the characters of the addicts and the affected ones in order to portray the realistic picture of the fictionally glamorized world of abuse and addiction before the bewildered young citizens of today. The skit focused upon the fact how alcoholic beverages, tobacco products are composed of poisonous and harmful chemicals affecting not only the consumers but their surroundings as well. It also showcased how bestiality manifests out of an abuser in the form of robbery, theft and many other forms of exploitation when dealing with others. Many addicts therefore ruin their lives socially, financially, physically and mentally as well. In this way, we were successfully able to inspire people to reject and discard the addictive substances in order to transform their personalities as a whole.

Young Trailblazers ignite a ray of change under BODH CAMPAIGN

Likewise, as a part of our signature campaign, many people signed for such a sensitive cause of the abolition of drug abuse in agreement with the vision of the organization. They also held placards in their raised hands saying ‘I support Bodh campaign’ and let’s make drug free society'.

Young Trailblazers ignite a ray of change under BODH CAMPAIGN

This is how; countless participants and thousands of people passing by the park witnessed the message which the skit conveyed and in response, they also applauded the performance and the efforts of the volunteers.

Lastly, many were also counseled individually which involved queries relating to our de-addiction program and treatment, workshops or seminars etc. Many expressed how they were in turn motivated to fight for the elimination of such a hazardous problem which is snatching the degree of productivity from the masses especially youth.

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