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Every year Bodh- a social initiative of DJJS, conducts mass campaigns on the Youth day to spread the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and his unwearyingly efforts towards the betterment of India, as a nation. This year also Swami’s teachings were spread nationwide under “Rise above the self” campaign through various kinds of events starting from Rallies, Discussions, Lectures, Bailey / Choreographies, Skit Performances,  Art Competitions, Community Meetings, School Workshops, Children Workshops, Yuth Programs, Signature Campaigns and Exhibition.

Youth Day 2020:  A Mass Campaign RISE ABOVE THE SELF took the teachings of Swami Vivekananda nationwide under DJJS Bodh

During these events, the organization informed the youngsters about the energy that they manifest in themselves and that their ignited minds can take India to greater heights. The instances from Vivekananda’s life were brought to light to make youngsters feel empowered and motivate them to work towards the greater good with integrity and dignity.

Various art forms make the medium for dissemination of Vivekananda’s preaching, his dedication to the empowerment of India. It was highlighted how youngsters form the soul of every nation and their ideologies are important tools that can transform the society. His belief was also brought out amongst the masses that how he believed that even the poorest of the economic sections of the society deserved the right to be educated and enlightened with the noblest ideas of spirituality. Swami’s perseverance, belief in him-self and faith in his divine spiritual teacher were the key points to be talked about during the insightful presentations.

Youth Day 2020:  A Mass Campaign RISE ABOVE THE SELF took the teachings of Swami Vivekananda nationwide under DJJS Bodh

Especially through skits and theatre performances, the demarcation was especially marked on how with rapidly developing technology and human lives, the youth specially seems to be clutched in achieving their ambitions vs how Swami Vivekananda kept India first before any personal achievements and aspirations. Various other problems that the youth is facing today like Drug Abuse were also talked about in details.

So, in a nutshell, for instilling the Ideas of swami Vivekananda and to reinvigorate the long lost enthusiasm, vision, ability and courage to contribute, we under Bodh – The Drug Abuse Eradication Program of DJJS designed a campaign in and around his teachings, so that maximum number of people can be reached out.  

In order to join these events and participate, you can reach put to us via our website or follow us on or drop us a mail on [email protected]

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