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5 Reasons for not ignoring your friendship!

A survey was conducted in the year 1985, in which people were asked about the number of friends with whom they shared important matters of their life. When they analysed the scores, it was found that about 60% of the respondents listed the number as three or more. Only 10% said that they do not have any such friends.

In 2004, again the same survey was conducted. People were asked to give the number of friends on the question-“How many people are there with whom you could discuss vital issues confidently, over the last six months?” The results were shocking. The most common count was zero. The score of three or more friends was reduced by about 50% when compared with the previous numbers.

Moreover it was found that one out of every four persons walks around with no friends to share anything about his life. …

In a study about the state of relationships related to friendship in Britain, it was found that almost five million people in Britain have no close friends.

Indeed a sad picture! After reading the above survey reports, we can surely say that- ‘Although friendship is not yet a scarce species, but it is definitely on the wane.’ Today one often contemplates on the reasons for modern social problems like divorce, homelessness, poverty, stress or unhappiness. Various causes have been mentioned in this context. But, new researches say that one of the major reasons behind the social problems of the 21st century is that “we are overlooking something crucial- the lack of friendship. Our modern society is ignoring its importance.” …

Brian Dyson, CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises once in a university commencement address said that if we imagine life as a game of juggling balls, out of which money is a rubber ball and one of the glass friends is friends, then if by any chance you drop money it will bounce back. But, be careful with friends because they are the glass balls which can’t be recovered once they fall. They will be broken or damaged or even shattered but will never be the same. …

Therefore, let us remind ourselves with the reasons as to why we should not ignore the relationship of friendship. To know all the reasons in detail, read the complete article in the August’15 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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