A Message to the Soldiers of the Spiritual Army!

Sadly, the current state of the world presents before us a similar gloomy picture as was once predicted by the saint Maharishi Punarvasu. Today, we see a world, which is characterized by killings, hatred jealousy, and violence! Peace seems to have exploded into pieces... Certainly, none wants the world to be so... However, in order to restore peace and normalcy in the world outside, stability and concord needs to be established within every human being... Here, the moot question is: “When such revolutions take place, what role does an awakened individual need to play in the making of a new, peaceful world?” … Once again, time is giving a clarion call to you all to come forward and spread the rays of Brahm Gyan to give this world a new form, where peace and brotherhood reigns supreme. Such soldiers are needed today who feel pain for the society due to dying humanity and wish to contribute to their best possible extent in making this world a peaceful abode. However, for the soldiers of the spiritual army to be able to walk till the end, certain traits and features are essential to be imbibed. Let’s find out what traits are essential for the soldiers of the Spritual Revolution:

STEADFASTNESS THE PATH OF TRUTH The real soldiers of the spiritual revolution remain steadfast on the path shown by the Master. They do not get affected by the heat of challenges and neither gets carried away under others’ influence. … The real soldiers follow the path of spiritual revolution steadfastly when the sun of awakening rises in the sky. Their soul is so dedicated to the path shown by their Master, that whatsoever may try to delineate them from the path, they always remain oriented to their goal.

SINCERITY IN SERVICE ... A soldier of the spiritual army not just preaches but also imbibes the principles of truth himself and lives them sincerely, as shown by the Master.

DROP YOUR NEGATIVITIES … Goal achievers do not allow any kind of negativity to affect their minds. Reason being, negativity brings resistance to one’s pace of progress towards the goal. That’s why they do not entertain negative thoughts and simply drop them off! How should one drop off his negativities?

MARCH WITH AN ENTHUSIASTIC SPIRIT … In tough times, the real enthusiasts do not give up; instead, to meet the challenge in its face, they enhance their spirits and ultimately become successful in their mission.

… Such soldiers are then remembered with pride for all times to come. Their names are written in golden letters on the pages of history. To know more about this read the complete article in January 2013 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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