A Rejuvenating Dose for Office Lifestyle

What an awesome vacation! Miles away from the humdrum of life, you are basking in the company of your near and dear ones. Mesmerizing locales, soothing ambience, ecstatic moments… what else cold one want for an enriching experience?

Suddenly, trin trin…!!!

Your clock needle hits the right time and alarm starts buzzing. Oh! So sad… This breaks your dream and you are forced to step out of your flight of imagination. “Gosh, that escape from the hustle and bustle of routine life was at least better in the world of fantasy,” says your heart.

Well, whatsoever it may be, it’s time again to rush to the office and live another day full of tight deadlines. Here you go, reach the office, punch in to mark your presence, and finally get settled at your workstation. Now you perform a desk-bound job while being in the same position or posture. So, this, undoubtedly, becomes monotonous and you start losing the passion you once had on joining your current organization.

Now this is the scenario of a sedentary office lifestyle that most of the professionals accept the way it comes. However there are some who actually dare to accept it as a challenging opportunity to rise up and devise ideas to transform such a lifestyle into an enthusiastic one.  …

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