A Safari to the Mysterious Animal Kingdom

A Safari to the Mysterious Animal Kingdom

Ever heard of any in-out relationship between Eyes and Stomach?

A CROCODILE has a peculiar digestive system. The moment anything enters into its stomach, tears start dripping out from its eyes! What an unusual chemistry!

Because, I know and value the importance of cleanliness and sattwikta for leading a healthy life. You too should never compromise in this regard. Always remember a mathematical equation that 'Hygiene + Vegetarianism = Fit Body + Healthy Mind'.

How many brains do you possess?

Of course, we all know very well that we have one brain. But, how many brains does a SILKWORM possess? … 2,3,4,… No! Go on incrementing the counter till it becomes 11. Yes! 11 brains in total! Can you just imagine?

That's right! I can easily carry things huge in proportion compared to my own dimensions. Reason being that I possess a never-say-die spirit. What if I have thin, hair-like legs! But, my resolution is strong, enormous, and mountain-like.

Can you walk on a blade's edge?

Ouch!- This will be the instant exclamation, suffused with pain and drops of blood, if someone accidentally happens to run even his finger on the sharp edge of a blade. But does it apply to all or is there any exception? Yes! The great snail stands different! It can very easily and freely walk on the sharp edge of a razor!

Actually, there is a secret behind this peculiar characteristic of mine. When I walk, I release a viscous, gluey fluid called mucus; and, also, keep myself encased in a thick covering called mantle… Hey! I have heard that your path of bhakti is also like a sword's edge! So, take my smart advice- Generate the divine fluid of Devotion and cover yourself with a defensive shield of the Master's Commandments! Then for sure, you will enjoy a smooth, frictionless skating through the sharp edge, which is otherwise difficult and a challenging one!
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