A true scientist cannot be an atheist!

Ques. Revered Master, Shrinivas Ramanujan was a great mathematician. But I have also heard that he was a spiritualist as well. A great mathematician and avowed interest in spirituality- does it not sound contradictory? Please throw light on this, Guru Maharaj Ji.

Ans. Undoubtedly, Shrinivas Ramanujan was a great mathematician who was born on the sacred land of Bharat. In his short life span of 32 years, his contribution to the field of mathematics was so great, that even after a century, lovers of mathematics shower praises on him.

… The talent in mathematics was therefore not a hereditary lineage for Ramanujan.

… By the age of 11, he had mastered the subject of mathematics to a level comparable with the college students… But apart from all these qualities, Ramanujan was endowed with an extraordinary quality which made him stand apart from other mathematicians. That unique quality was his deep interest in spirituality. He had absolute faith in God and His divine ways.

… Ramanujan’s reply was instant and without any ambiguity. He retorted, “An equation for me has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God.”

… Many scientists who made progress in the field of science, they were drawn nearer to spirituality. It is so because when the scientists dive deeper and reach out to unravel the profound mysteries of nature, they are more often than not compelled to accept the power of God and are obliged to repose trust on His supreme existence.

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