An Ode to the Old Age

Shobhit: C’mon, not again. You wet the bed for the third time this week.

BABY: I....... I didn’t ........ I mean I don’t know... when....

Shobhit: Haven’t I told you a thousand times, to call me when you have to go? Leave it. Let me clean.

BABY: I...

BABY: I want an Ice-cream! Chocolate one!

Shobhit: You ate it two days ago only. Not good for you.

BABY: You always say that for ice-cream, or late-night TV or anything. You are not good to me.

Shobhit: Arey! Why are you saying so? I do everything...


Shobhit: OK. This is how I’m. Deal with it!

BABY: *Sobbing* Nobody loves me!

You guys might be thinking how terrible Shobhit is. How can he treat a baby like this? A baby, after all, is dependent for his needs and wants. Even if they throw tantrums or oversee our care (as in the second case), they don’t do it out of anger but due to their incapability to process information and accordingly, express emotions. Sometimes, these aren’t tantrums, but a way to gain some attention; attention to their needs, time for their pleas, and make them feel loved when they feel helpless.

We all know this, of course, and that’s why we listen to all their weird stories, help them with their day-to-day-activities, and tolerate their tantrums. Why isn’t Shobhit doing all of this, you might be thinking. But what if I tell you that BABY is the name of his grandmother.

OH WAIT! Would that change the context for you? If you read the conversation again, you might feel different. Oh yes, How?

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