Are we the PUPPETS or the ARCHITECTS of our fate??

Why does it happen that some honest person gets trapped in the web of scandals and is punished, while the defaulter continues to live a happy life? What justification can be accounted for a vibrant youth getting crashed in a road accident on his way home, when he was eager to give the exciting news to his parents about his selection in one of the top-notch MNC’s? How can one call it fair for a happy and respectable family being looted away, ruined and murdered by robbers?

… We are the residents of the 21st century-the age of logics and science. On the basis of our reasoning ability, we have unfolded various mysteries, thus finding answers to several ‘whys’ pertaining to the world we live in.

Are we the PUPPETS or the ARCHITECTS of our fate?

… Well, several incidences and instances can be cited in support of the fact that our future actions, our fate, our destiny is already decided. … The sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage came as a frightening shock to all. However, 19 documented cases of people are available in records who could sense beforehand the impending evil that was to fall on the Titanic to wipe off many lives in one go!

… Such incidences and experiments clearly go to say that the blueprint of our future actions is already drafted. What future holds in store for us is pre-determined. Now, if it is so, then certainly our logical minds will give rise to an important question demanding clarification; as to:

Who Decides Our Fate?

On coming across this question, many people present their view that whatever is happening in their lives, it is God’s will. … Now, if you being a caretaker and guardian of your child cannot write such a destiny for him, do you think, the Supreme Guardian, the creator of one and all, who is said to be All-merciful, can design such a fate for us, which is stuffed with the elements of pain, suffering and tragedies?

… It is not God who is responsible for the suffering of her child, but the past karmas of the child himself.

The Law of Karma

The Law of karma can also be equated to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, which states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. No cause goes without its associated effect. The tendency of its fruition may vary, but, in no case, does it go unfructified.

… Even if we are the designers of our fate, but, when everything is pre-decided, our destiny is already written, then there is no point in striving to do better. How does it matter what we do? Our action or inaction does not make any difference!

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