Assess the Basis of Your Relationship

There can be three basis supporting man-woman relationships:

1. Physical and Emotional Basis

2. Intellectual Basis

3. Spiritual Basis


Physical basis can be entirely based on just the physical intimacy between a man and a woman, wherein the only support which keeps the relationship ignited is sensual gratification. …This is where the majority of youngsters stand today… This is a volatile state– every new touch is like a print on the fabric of the body-memory. It's like you get a tattoo done, it looks great; then you get another tattoo on top of it, then another one and then another, until the skin starts to wear out. …Just like over-tattooing is abusing the skin; likewise, proximity with multiple partners is abusing the senses. …

Physical basis can be substantiated by an emotional basis. If partners have feelings for each other, then the relationship seems to outlast the one described above. But again, human beings at this level also can come together because of multiple emotions, such as:


1. Insecurity and fear

2. Attachment and love

More than 99% of the people in the world live in the above sphere of physical and emotional basis. They are ordinary people with ordinary needs. …they choose their partners easily on the first two bases– physical and emotional.

…Then who choose their partners on the basis of intellectual and spiritual basis? What are these three basis in actuality? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in July’20 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.


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