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Be Animalistic!

Have you ever wondered what is so bad about being an animal? There must be something, for any time we want to bestow a disqualification on someone, our first preference is to call him an animal, often punctuating with frowns and cringes. Conversely, we seem to place ourselves on the highest perch, on the top of the evolutionary pyramid (which surely has a biological merit). We also consider ourselves the noblest, smartest, and the most considerate of species. Being 'human' is not just a biological classification but also an adjective connoting kindness and sensitivity in general. So clearly, we are, without a doubt, the alpha species.

Perhaps one outcome of our snug reservation on the top line is that it doesn't occur to us anymore to take a minute and look around. As a result, we fail to appreciate the existence of life that is enormously but beautifully different from ours, the existence of the other 'kingdom'– the animals. It would be worth our while to turn our head to the denizens of the forest, the swamp, the grassland, and the desert, where fabulous instincts and humble tendencies are in full bloom. When viewed from the side lines, it seems as if the raison d'etre of the animal brigade is karmic balancing. They are born, they hunt or they graze, they pro-create, they do their bit in the energy transfer process of the grand food chain and then, they depart. Nothing exceptional, really. But now let's take a few steps closer. Let's wonder and observe. All classes of animals, the felines, the canines, the marsupials, or the arachnids, to name a few, display some extraordinary instincts which create awe and inspiration alike.

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