Blend Your Trends with Intelligence!

"Hey! What's up! What's trending now-a-days?" These words are very commonly heard in the present times, right? We want to be in touch with all that's buzzing around the globe, either through social media or telly media. We want to keep up with the times! The young generation, so-called neoterics are racing forth the time to catch up with the latest fads to maintain a 'cool-dude' status in the society. Those who are not up-to-the-minute or adhering to the trends are seen as a mossy entity, Isn't it? There is nothing wrong in keeping oneself updated with the latest trends and styles. After all, new trends showcase novel styles, thus giving us an altogether a fresh look. However, problems arise when we fail to comprehend the harms that come complimentary with the vogue.

Here are highlighted some of the trends and their effects intimately connected to our personality. After going through them, all we need to do is to contemplate whether to keep them in our style diaries or not.

Be Ready to Face the Music!

As soon as our favourite music is turned on, volume goes up and emotions start pouring out from our heart. Music is something, which is enjoyed in all kinds of emotions and places. Thanks to technology, for giving us Earpieces... wherever we are, whenever we want, without disturbing others, we can swing with the song. It has become a common sight when people are walking, talking, (even) sleeping, crossing the road, driving, riding and doing everything with these two pieces plugged into their ears! If we feel it's the trend these days, then we will have to face the consequences as well due to the extensive application of this style!
As a matter of fact, this small gadget has big and numerous side effects on our body. The most common one is hearing complications, followed by hearing loss in severe cases where volume is exceeded beyond 100 decibels continuously for 15 minutes. After all, when we use the earphones, our ears are exposed to audio sounds directly. It is found that the earphones produce around 7-9 decibels higher sound as they are directly plugged into the ears. If it was not known to you or you ignored it earlier, then, check the volume level next time when you use your earphones. Remember, the moment you touch the 100 decibel mark, the 15-minute countdown for the downfall of your ears begins!

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