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Caffeine Jitters -Time to ponder for Habitual Coffee and Tea Drinkers!

The overworked, sleep-deprived, and stress-laden urban world is leading to increasing caffeinated life.

On the positive side, caffeine being a central nervous system stimulant, helps elevate mood, fight fatigue, create more energy, and boost the mind. This might have a positive, beneficial psychological effect in terms of better alertness, enhanced concentration, increased endurance and performance.

... On the flip side, the stimulant effect of caffeine has a downside in terms of producing restlessness, headache and irritability. 

...The 'feel good' factor of caffeine is brought about by increased dopamine levels in the brain, which activates pleasure in parts of the brain. However, the same dopamine also contributes to caffeine-addiction leading to caffeine dependence and withdrawal symptoms in its absence. 

The ugly fact about caffeine consumption is that it manifests in terms of sleeping difficulties induced by caffeine intake. ... Chances of problems like cardiac arrhythmias, increased blood pressure, and risk of heart disease are higher in caffeine consumers. Upset, jittery gut and heartburn has been seen with increased caffeine consumption. 

Interesting facts about Caffeine

- Coffee/Tea drinking seems to be considered harmless simply just because it is very widely consumed.

- Caffeine lowers the stress threshold virtually in everyone, and caffeine consumers are more prone to emotional or other stress. 

- Caffeine disrupts sleep, and with caffeine in the bloodstream, one is unlikely to experience deep sleep.

- Caffeine depletes supplies of thiamin and other B vitamins, along with magnesium, potassium and zinc.

- Cafestol, an ingredient in unfiltered coffee, is considered as one of the most potent cholesterol elevating compounds in human diet.

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