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Chanakya Sutras for the Corporates

Dear readers, can you think of a few words that end with 'maker'? We know you will find it very easy. By adding '- maker' as a suffix to any object, we get a term describing the person who makes that object. For example- a shoe-maker, a glass-maker, a movie-maker, and so on. And, what about a 'king-maker'? Certainly, a person who carves out a king must be one with unmatched brains, a subtle thinker, besides being a great analyst who has the competency to uplift a mere vagabond to the throne of a king. Only he can be referred to as king-maker. Looking back into the history for examples in this context, Acharya Chanakya's name verily shines in golden letters. He is hailed as an ancient teacher and philosopher who adorned his disciples with classic values of leadership and management. The same have been expressed in the form of 'sutras' and carry an unchallengeable authenticity in application. Let us also throw a glance at some examples, which prove the significance of these gem-like sutras by Chanakya, for corporate employees to climb the success-ladder.


Give Them Better Recognition And They Will Work Harder

Chanakya Sutra- In the happiness of his subject lies his happiness; in their welfare his welfare; whatever pleases him, he shall not consider as good; but whatever pleases his subjects, he shall consider as good.

Great leaders give priority to the happiness and well-being of the people around them. In 2006, when Indra Nooyi was appointed as the CEO of PepsiCo, her parents happiness found no bounds. Feeling proud of their daughter's success, they would make her meet various people. This made Nooyi think that she should also let her employees parents feel the same joy, who were even-handedly responsible for that success. So, she decided to pen down a letter to each of the employees’ parents expressing the gratitude as, "Therefore, I'm writing to thank you for the gift of your son... what a wonderful job he is doing at PepsiCo."

In 2015, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, which is a credit card processing company, slashed his salary of million dollars to a mere $70000. Why? Just to increase the salary of his employees to the same level, to achieve the happiness quotient within his company! Simply wow! Isn't it?


... Most of the Chanakya sutras are a boon for the corporate sector, which when wisely applied can act as both preventive and curative tools for an organisation. ...

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