Sometime around lunch break in Aught 1996, a little boy had visited the brookfield zoo in the US. Out of eagerness to see the big animals from close by, he climbed up to the danger level and suddenly became imbalanced. The young boy rolled over and fell almost 20 feet down into the gorilla habitat. At that time, Craig Demitros, the lead zookeeper, had gone outside the exhibit to have his lunch. It was from people’s screams and families frantically pushing through the emergency exit that he become aware of something alarming to have happened.

In the sequence of events, they saw an 8-year-old female gorilla, named Binti Jua approach the fallen boy’s body. Craig recalled that by the time he and his colleagues looked over the wall, “Binti was below us with her 17-month-old baby on her back and a 3-year-old human boy on her right arm.” The zoo staff cautiously herded. Using water hoses, the rest of the gorillas were kept away from Binti and the boy. Simultaneously, Binti carried the little boy away from other animals, for around 75 feet. In between, she patted the child just like a mother would do to her sleeping baby. Then, Binti put him down and the boy started regaining consciousness. The Zoo staff and paramedics took the boy out from there.

A terrifying and dangerous animal like gorilla happens to be so humane and helpful towards a child of human species - doesn’t that surprise you?

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