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Question # 1: Have you ever experienced that moment in real life when a sapling is just beginning to sprout from a seed?

Question # 2: Have you ever experienced the moment when there is a switch of breath inhalation and exhalation process from one nostril to another nostril?

Question # 3: Have you ever realised a moment that was your 'Wow moment,' which steered your life towards success?

The affirmative and confident answer to the third question largely depends on how effectively you can respond to the previous two questions. You know why?  It's because the questions of the first and second type actually represent where you stand on the 'Axis of awareness'! Yes, in life, the success function can be taken as mapping of three decision variables- x: Awareness, y: Learning process and z: Widened comfort zone...

... Let us explore the importance of these three axis in determining our success.

Axis Of Awareness (X-Axis)- The Axis Leading To Breakthrough

In our life we all always look for one chance and one opportunity to be what we want to Become. These moments become the 'breakthrough moments' of our lives. But the people who succeed, seem to encash these moments in a unique way, which is characterised with a filament of astonishment.Their "breakthrough" moments surprise people as these moments reveal the 'secret of awareness' that most individuals fail to pay heed to.

In fact, that's the core ingredient behind 'breakthroughs moments’. These encompass 'chance observations' that have resulted in important discoveries. Our of the well-known discoveries of this kind came up in 1928, when Alexander Fleming caught hold of the moment wherein he noticed certain juice killed all the bacteria present in the dish. Had Fleming not been aware at that moment of observation, he would not have discovered the "wonder drug" penicillin. This incident is a classic example depicting what led to the success of Fleming. It was his momentary insight, the intensity of which runs proportional to the degree of 'awareness, 'that made him realise the 'breakthrough moment' of discovering penicillin.

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