Hello everyone, Let me introduce myself through my qualities. Let’s see if you can identify who I am?

I have no respect for the truth. I prosper at every level of society. I am nobody’s friend. I am always in the headlines and headaches. And greatest of all, the more I am talked about, the more I am believed. But, still I am popular at offices, shops, parties and homes. I am the greatest pastime entertainer, which everyone wants and loves to enjoy.

Hmmm! For sure, by now you must have guessed who I am. Correct, I am everybody’s favourite ‘GOSSIP’.

True indeed! Gossip- an idle talk about the personal or private affairs of others has taken a vital position at workplaces, functions and homes. Facts tell us that 66% of what we talk about in everyday conversations is gossip.

… But, it is strange that despite so many cons about gossip, every tongue carves for backbiting and tale-bearing. Why? Because…

… For seeking attention

… Gossip… a means of bonding

But, O’ die heart followers of the ‘gossip society’! Aren’t these reasons portraying your inferiority complexes, your weaknesses, and your betrayal instead of proving a support system for liking your society?  … Gossip harms the speaker, the listener and the person who is being talked about.  Want to know how? To know this and further that it’s 100% true that gossip bears only cons and no pros, read the complete article in May 2013 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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