Come, Let's Enjoy the Silence!

In the hall of our mind, the tussle of thought currents goes on unabated. The mind remains busy at all times.

hout a break, day and night, what will be the result? To speak in scientific terms, heat will generate in all its parts due to friction. Similar is the case with the machine called mind! And, don't forget that this machine is not made of hard metals but of extremely delicate nerves and neurons. When thoughts generate in it on a continuous basis, it also gets heated up. You must have heard people telling often, “Please do not talk to me at this moment. Right now my mind is hot!” Anger, tension, agitation over silly nothings- these issues have become a part of our life. It is the result of increase in the level of 'temperature' of the brain.

The inquisitive: What you say is correct… But, if we do not think how would we work and function in society? If we do not apply our minds, how would we achieve success in life?

What is wrong is unnecessary thinking. Within the circuit of your mind, when the web of useless thoughts leads to the 'traffic jam', you are unable to take proper decisions.
Our mind needs to be away from the small puddles and take a deep plunge into the internal oceanic depths. Don't you desire so? At least for some time in a day… Reveling in that deep silence… deep... so deep as the Atlantic Ocean where ripples of thoughts are not present! Not even the vibrations of thought-currents… Sh…Sh…Shss…Sh … complete silence!… where you enjoy merging into that eternal zero (fullness!).

The inquisitive: Very pleasing to the ears. But, is it possible to practically enjoy such a blissful state for even some moments every day?

Yes of course, it is possible! To lead us to such a state of eternal bliss, spiritual teachers invite us from time to time. “Come to me and I will give you rest. All of you work so hard beneath a heavy yoke. Oh, the carriers of that heavy load of work and responsibilities! Come to me and take rest, relax in my lap… I will provide you with peace of mind.”

The Inquisitive: Tell me please how can that state be attained?
After being blessed with Brahm Gyan, by concentrating on the place between the brows (where one applies tilak), one can commence the journey of peace to reach into the depths within and seek eternal bliss.

The Inquisitive: Why seek Brahm Gyan for concentrating on the place between the brows? We can do it straightaway without seeking someone's help!

What will be the effect if you concentrate on the closed door! Your eyes will become tired and exhausted. You won't be benefited by such a futile exercise.

Brahm Gyan activates the 'Divine Eye' situated at the centre of your two physical eyes. Only when the perfect spiritual Guru graciously opens this divine door, you are given the passage to the depths of the latent kingdom of divinity within you. The issue is simple and straightforward. The door opens and you are able to move within. In that blissful world, thoughts are not admitted. Bliss alone reigns! This is that mighty Atlantic Ocean, diving into which you begin to experience- Aum, Peace, Peace, Peace, Aum…
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