Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

Listen to the conversation between two seeds that rested on the lap of mother earth side by side…

The first seed: Hey! I am looking forward to those days when I will grow up into a plant smiling under the blue sky amongst my other friends blossoming around. A new life altogether… with new experiences and new learning! Although, I know it will demand a lot of efforts from my end. But, never mind! Why fear? I am all set now to send my roots deep into the soil below and sprout through the soil above.

The second seed: I differ. Why unnecessarily make life so troublesome when you can comfortably stay here? By digging the roots into the ground below, you can’t imagine what all you will have to face in the dark. And, by pushing up through the hard soil, your delicate sprouts will get damaged… Therefore, by all means, it is much better to stay here.

And, so, the first seed grew while the second one waited. Unfortunately, a yard hen came scratching the ground for food, located the seed and popped it in its mouth.

Could you catch the message from the above conversation? It says: Come out of your comfort zone if you want to flourish; else you may perish!

…Right from the beginning of life, when a child comes into this world, at every stage, he has to choose struggles and challenges while leaving his comfort zone if he has to grow and live.  …He has to learn to stand on his feet and walk. A big challenge indeed! … Likewise, at every step, be it going to school, joining college, facing interviews and hunting for a job- everything demands one common thing, i.e. leaving the comfort zone and bracing up to face the challenges. Well, that’s the way of life! No one has ever grown and flourished simply by sitting in his comfort zone.

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