Death- A Comma, Not a Full Stop!

Death has always been a puzzling riddle for the human mind. Science defines death as an event that represents the permanent cessation of all biological functions which sustain a living organism. It talks about clinical death characterized by no breathing, no circulation, and no brain activity. It also talks about Somatic Death - the permanent, irreversible death of an organism as a whole.

… But, the question arises as to what happens to the energy that breathes inside the gross body, at the time of death? Does that too come to an end? But, it’s not possible because it would then violate the law of conservatism of energy, which says that “energy can neither can be created nor destroyed.” So, does it mean that death is only the end of the body and not the life-current that pulsates inside the body? Here, science fails to provide us with a substantial answer.

…Considering the gross or the physical body first- when a person dies, what happens to the gross body? The gross body disintegrates into the five constituent elements that it is comprised of i.e. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether.

…Reason being, the atoms and molecules that are buried with the body of the deceased enter into the plant kingdom through soil. These atoms and molecules are then transmitted to the higher levels in the food chain. In this manner, the cycle continues and the existence of those atoms and molecules remains alive forever.

… They call death to be a transition phase from one point of existence to another. In other words, death is not a full-stop, but only a comma in the cycle of existence!

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