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Don’t Slouch! Sit Straight!

Dear meditators! Any guesses, what impact can a hunched back have on you? From the bagful of risks/losses/ harms, here are listed some of them that we invite for ourselves by sitting in a droopy posture.

Brings Negativity: Depletes Positivity!

A study was conducted by a group of psychologists in Germany at University of Hildesheim and the Ruhr-University Bochum on 30 psychopath patients. These patients were suffering from severe depressive disorders. During the experiments, the subjects were made to sit comfortable on a chair in front of a computer screen. Then, 16 positive and 16 negative words were flashed on the screen and patients were asked to visualise those words with similar incidents in their minds. During the entire course, some participants were left undisturbed and were given the freedom to sit in a posture of their choice. Most of them were found slouching. However, the others were made to sit with back straight. After the end of this round, the subjects were asked to recall the maximum number of positive and negative words they saw on the screen. On the basis of their answers, the psychologists made a striking observation. They found that the subjects with a slouched back had an inclination towards recalling more negative words. On the contrary, those with straight backs recited maximum positive words.

Observation #1: A slouched back makes us more negatively-inclined. Or, in other words, a slouched back, a slouched back depletes us of our positive energy.

What more? The impact of a drooping spine can stretch to as far as making people more prone to criminal tendencies. How? ...

 To know this and furthermore all the harms we invite for ourselves by sitting with a slouched back, read the complete article in Oct’19 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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