Eco-friendly Diwali Celebrations!

It's a day which reverberates with the message of victory of light over darkness or good over evil! A day which carries great spiritual significance and is one of the prime festivals of India! A day whose aura of radiance is so magnificent that various countries all across the world, such as– Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Guyana, Nepal, Mauritius, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Thailand, Africa, … etc. are found drawn into its divinity, echoing the spirit of celebration inherent in it! Yes, it's the auspicious day of Diwali, which, as per the legend, marks the arrival of Lord Rama to His kingdom, Ayodhya, from an exile of 14 long years. Everyone was over whelmed to see their beloved Lord and expressed their joy by ... Since then, every year this day is celebrated to commemorate the insightful message of treading the path of righteousness while annihilating the evil, as disseminated by Lord Rama. Fire-crackers are burnt, sweets and gifts are exchanged, houses are decorated with ...

However, with time, as we witness changes in the environment, there is a need to bring corresponding modifications in our style of celebrations, harmonising it with the nature and surroundings. In line with this aspect only, we see the coming up of eco-friendly ways to celebrate a Green and healthy Diwali.

…To know about the various innovative eco-friendly ways, read the complete article in Nov’20 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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