Empowering Women in the Real Sense! @ International Women’s Day

“The term ‘empowerment’ has emerged as a ‘development buzzword’ in current times”, quotes Makamba Online, an African business and lifestyle monthly. And most commonly, we see it surfacing in discussions and media with the prefix ‘woman’, which gives a stark gender connotation to the whole empowerment agenda. But, is the meaning of the term ‘empowerment’ restricted only to ‘women’, is a question. Ironically, the phrase ‘women empowerment’ is the brainchild of a society, which, in the first place, demeans, deprives, and subjugates its women population and later aims at alleviating them from the given sub-standard status. However, in true sense, the empowerment agenda is not restricted to women folk only; rather, it is an innate need of each and every individual who is deprived, under-rated or is subordinated or for that matter, is disabled or poor or illiterate or is vulnerable in any other capacity, being widow or addict or dejected or depressed.

Immanuel Kant, the famous German philosopher, teacher, meta-physicist, and author, propounded a theory in which he laid down the expansive need for empowerment of various social fragments. According to his theory, each individual has an inborn deficit which he calls as “Nonage”. By definition, Nonage is the inability to use one’s own understanding without another’s guidance. This signature trait of Nonage keeps an individual enslaved by a constant want of support and validation from others. Thhis feeling almost has a universal existence in the human race, however, the degree might vary from person to person. … After all, why the jargon of women empowerment has today, come up as the most talked about aspired reality of the global society?

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