Fresh and Vibrant Environment in Our Hands

Pollution around us is playing havoc with the health of men, animals and plants alike. The need of the hour is to look for options in our (India’s) thousands of years old Vedic literature, and learn how our ancestors were able to preserve Mother Earth for us and in the process were able to lead a healthy life till a ripe age. Ayurveda is one of the life sciences of the Vedic Indian period. Nature has many a times been referred to as ‘Mother Nature’ in it. As a mother nurtures her child, similarly nature nurtures the earth. Nature knows how to give to humanity its health and prosperity. Let’s know how some of the plants and trees stand apart in providing vitality to everyone.


… Some plants are able to flourish in reduced sunlight, as their leaf-composition allows them to photosynthesise in household light. They can purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen day and night like Peepal and Holy Basil. These plants can also eliminate significant amounts of benzene,…  Many of these plants are routinely grown in Indian homes. A list of such air filtering plants was complied during the NASA Clean Air Study to clean the air in space stations. Such plants are English Ivy, Spider plant, Rubber plant and many more…


Insects including mosquitoes and flies are responsible for many preventable diseases. The diseases that house flies can transmit include enteric infections such as dysentery, typhoid, cholera and many more. …The viral diseases like yellow fever, dengue fever are transmitted mostly by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. … Prevention is usually by cleaning the environment of their breeding grounds using… But, these methods have their own disadvantages.

Does nature provide us the remedial measures to counteract these disease-producing insects? Can these plants serve in providing us the fresh and clean drinking water also? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article of April 2014 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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