From Animal To Divine

Now, read out the following sentences, which are actually the headlines of the newspapers across the world... true and verified, and quite recent! (Note: These are pertaining to just one category of heinousness prevalent, rather proliferating in society. Ample sections are there besides this, flooded with ghastly news from all corners of the world: such as, children murdering their parents for property; parents murdering their children for the sake of pleasure; robbing, violence, acid attacks, etc.)

  • Girl drugged and raped inside the ruins of ancient temple. (Aug 15, 2019,
  • Daughter cuts father's body into pieces for sexually assaulting her. (Dec 7, 2019, The Indian Express)
  • Rape case victim walked over a km with 90% burns to seek help, call police. (Dec 5, 2019); Woman, set ablaze by men accused of raping her, dies. (Dec 7, 2019, India Today)

Can you see the calamitous collapse of humanity, which is reflected from these statements? Depending upon the extent to which you can witness the perilous state of mankind and also feel the excruciating pain will decide how far your sensitivity- vision is correct?

Now, let's talk about another eyesight... an eye, which is meant to see inside ourselves, as to who we are? In order to test the visual acuity of this eye, you need to close your physical eyes and look inside. Check what all you can see?

It is most likely that you are able to witness only one entity i.e. thoughts. And, if you continue to sit patiently, then, after a genuine introspection, chances are high that your answer will be yet more elaborate, including- tensions, mistakes, guilt, anger or grudge towards some, complaints from some, subtle fears, a bagful of confusions, and so on. Right? If rated as per the standard chart for this inner eye, which is prescribed unanimously by all scriptures, we would be simply categorised as "blind"! ... If we try to assimilate our condition in terms of the chart used to test the physical vision, then, it can be said that we aren't able to read even the largest letter on the eye chart (which is the sign of blindness). ....

...Why? What is the solution... the sure-shot remedy? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in the Jan'20 edition of English Akhand Gyan  Monthly Magazine.

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