Ganpati Bappa Morya!

An exemplary role-model for children! An inspiration for the youth! An icon of wisdom! A symbol of strength and courage! A stimulus for meditators! A Redeemer for mankind! And, many more to add to the multitudes of roles, all of which can be found assimilated in one God- Lord Ganesha! The Ganesha Purana compiles the description of 32 forms of Lord Ganesha, all of which carry invaluable messages for mankind. Let's gain insight by comprehending some of them with respect to their name, form, and appearance.


Among the 32 forms, the very first being mentioned in the Ganesha Purana is the 'Bala Ganapati', meaning, the child-like form of Ganesha. In this form, He inspires us to instill in ourselves joyfulness as that of a child. The description of this form of Lord Ganesha is expressed in the sacred text as below:
karasthakadaliccta | panaseksucamodakam |

baalasuryanibham vamde ||

devam baalaganaadhipam ||1||

Adorned with a garland of tender flowers, having plantain (banana), mango, jack fruit, sugarcane and sweets (modaka) in His hands and who is effulgent like the rising sun (red colour)... is Bala Ganapati. …All these objects signify something due to which... the Lord serves as a perfect role-model for children, besides being a representative of the future opportunities of growth. How? ...


...This form of Lord Ganesha is an inspiration for the youth... to acquire the real traits of youthfulness. ... In this form, besides other things, Lord Ganesha is shown holding noose, goad and green paddy.

…What are these symbolic of?

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