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God can be seen- A Hundred Per cent Yes!!

… Just examine it by yourself! How many of us are among those who remember God more than just busying ourselves in ritualistic practices? Except conducting rites and rituals, reading religious texts and going on pilgrimage to the holy places, has the desire to seek access to the Kingdom of God ever sprouted in our hearts? Has intense craving for the practical experience of God ever generated in our inner beings? The number of such inquisitives could be minimal! And, even for this handful of people, what is the ultimate fate of their inquisitiveness?

Look at the paradox! Such people happen to encounter with the so-called intelligent people, thinkers, hypocrite gurus and pundits who themselves are devoid of the practical vision of God. How a lamp that remains extinguished can light another extinguished lamp? That can only give darkness. One can impart only from the stock of what one possesses. Did not the fox say that the grapes were sour, when it failed to reach up to their height? Similarly, the so-called present day saints proclaim that the practical vision of God is impossible because they themselves haven’t been able to attain it.

Thus, these so-called intelligent people succeed in shifting the load of their darkness and ignorance on the inquisitive ones. They repeatedly assert that it is impossible for the human beings to have the practical vision of God. … Consequently, the wick of inquisitives faith that becomes wet to some extent by dipping into the oil of inquisitiveness for a while turns dry again. …

In a nutshell, the real picture of the present times is such wherein this notion has taken roots that the practical vision of God is impossible; and, to hope for it is like making efforts to sow the seeds of sesame on the palm and desiring that the plant will grow.

So, How God can be seen- A Hundred Per cent Yes???  To know this in toto, read the complete article in March’2015 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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