Golden Lessons from flowers

Sometimes, moments of solace is all that we need to quench our inner thirst. No friend, no relative, no one close to us can help us curb the mental anguish we go through. In such moments, try looking at a flower and experience the peaceful vibes released by it. A legendary American Artist, Georgia O'Keefee, said, "When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment." A flower shows beauty, showers freshness, spreads fragrance, and gives charm.

It is not that flowers have been adored for their beauty or the soothing effect only. In the Victorian Era evolved the concept of Floriography. Comprehending the expressions reflected by a flower, people, during this era, began to communicate and exchange messages using flowers pertaining to their need. ... This era also witnessed the introduction of dictionaries based on flowers. ...Interestingly, names of flowers, along with their meanings were gathered together in a list by the Society of American Florists. For example, Alstroemeria meant aspiring,... Hibiscus implied delicate beauty, and Nasturtium indicated patriotism.
Though flowers serve various purposes in our daily lives, they also carry deep messages or hidden meanings that need to be identified. ...All flowers look beautiful in their own ways but they are also blessed with traits which, when imbibed, act as a catalyst of change in our life. These traits inspire us to shape our personality with high moral values and live a meaningful and dignified life. 
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