Has he changed or is it me?

Our trio had finally been breached. Sohil was getting hitched, and it called for a much-needed reunion. We were inseparable in college, be it a mass-bunk or preparing for any exam; you would have found us hanging together. And like that, the four years of engineering made our trio the Bindassss Trio.

But life surprises you when you least expect it. I still remember the day when Rohan disclosed that he would have to leave the country for his uncle in London. Sohil and I were flabbergasted as the reasons seemed to be half-baked and it was quite unusual from Rohan. Before we could have inquired further, , he left us with the promise of seeing us very soon.

The promise took 5 years and a wedding to get fulfilled. Meanwhile, I too had to leave my home state due my job at an MNC, whereas Sohil joined his family business.

Though we all are connected on our WhatsApp group, but with time, responsibilities, pressure, and almost very little interaction from Rohan, it was only used for birthday wishes, failed attempts to make reunion plans, and photos of Sohil’s new car every year. The monotony broke when one day Sohil shared the photo of his Roka (engagement), when even Rohan couldn’t stop from breaking his usual silence.

Nonetheless, I was very excited. We all planned to meet at a place nearby, two days before his engagement. I was geared with my rage towards Rohan who didn’t even attempt to meet in all those years. He did meet Sohil whenever he came from London, but his plans were so impromptu that I was never in town at those times. Maybe it was intentional; the thought did disturb my mind. I was angry as his explanations always seemed an excuse. …

Who has actually changed? What was the actual reason of Rohan not meeting him all these years? Was He angry? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in Oct’19 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine. 

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