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Hey Diners! Check and Correct Your Styles!

Food and health are not separable. What you eat makes your physical being. But this time in health bytes we won’t discuss about what food you should eat so that you become healthy. That is to say we won’t take up the implication- Healthy food leads to Healthy Personality.  Rather, we will analyse your personality to gauge the kind of food you have and thus, its effect on your health. So, this time we will look for the following derivation:

How our personality is? Leads to what we eat and how healthy we are?



These diners are fun seeking persons. They go to the places where they can find pleasure. They have an overindulgent lifestyle. Ask them to eat anytime, and they will immediately turn up on the table, provided yummy food is served. These diners are impatient.

Are you of such kind?

Ah, Pleasure Diners! Beware because your health is at risk since your personality depicts that you are a foodie, and that you eat for pleasure not health. You have an inclination towards eating junk food. You are also not conscious about the timings when you should eat, nor do you practice eating good habits. You go for food with less nutritional value and high calorie content. That is why chances are that either you are at risk of … or becoming …









Mood pangs trouble you? Are you an over-sensitive person? Then, your eating habits are making you unhealthy.

… Flavour in the food is the only quality which you look for while eating.

“When a desire or a craving comes from something other than hunger, eating can’t satisfy it,” says May, MD. “If you are eating but don’t physically need the food, you’ll never feel satisfied.”



‘Wow! You follow a great diet regime!’- Did anyone say these words to you? If yes, a big congrats, because you are likely to be a Healthy Diner! Moreover, you are a person who has his goals clearly defined. You have a balanced approach for personal and professional life.

For those diners, whose health is at risk, we have a simple health management sutra vs. ‘Traffic Light Eating’. The rules of this eating system are the same as the rules of the traffic light. …

To know this Traffic Light sutra, its rules and all diner types in detail, read the complete article in the Sept’15 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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