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How is Your Nature?

Please answer the following questions in Yes/No:

Do you repose trust in yourself?

In difficult situations are you able to maintain your courage and patience?

Do you have the guts to accept your mistakes and are willing to adopt corrective measures?

Do you seek for the positive aspects of an individual instead of looking out for the shortcomings?

Even amidst the tempest of difficulties do you remain steadfast on your chosen path?

Are you inclined to change yourself?

Are you able to condone the faults of others, just as you do in case of even the biggest of your mistakes?

So, how many ‘No’s’ for the answers to the questions given on the left? Dear friends, this each ‘No’ indicates the negative aspect of our personality. How do we treat ourselves and others is an important aspect of our nature and it has salutory effect on our lives. The society essentially judges an individual with consideration of his nature only. His intelligence, knowlledge and other aspects take the second place. … In our personal life also, we give regard to the people importantly on the basis of their nature. There are certain categories of nature which no one likes.

To introspect on the basis of categories of nature such as jealous, angry and negativity and inferiority complex nature and examine if our nature also resonates with them, to know the tips related to our nature, read the complete article in October edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine…

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