How to get rid of the bad pathways?

Have we ever stopped and checked our personality? May be! We have good and bad traits; but have we ever observed and categorised them? No, because we don't care. We are not bothered! We take life as it comes and keep enjoying the free flow (or, better say, the free fall). Mixing with all sorts of people, watching all kinds of films/serials/scenes, doing whatever we like- all this underlines our existence. Not even an iota of thought goes into the "what's and how's" of 'Character'. 'Enjoy and chill'- this is the core principle defining the lifestyle of the current generation. Whatever comes our way, we simply go with it- without segregating the good from bad. Obviously, with greater and effortless availability of bad, we start spending more time on bad stuff. However, like weeds take away nutrition from the good crop; indulgence into bad sucks our energy and keeps us away from doing good. The result is- feeble conscience, lack of control, weaker mind, poor focus and concentration. Sooner or later we start getting bogged down and feel dull. Instead of enjoying life, we start feeling helpless and vulnerable.

Therefore, an important question is- 'What is the way out?'

1. The first thing is to recognise that there is a problem.

2. The second is to identify right and wrong.

3. The third is to start feeding the good rather than feeding the bad.

A man had two birds which would keep fighting. However, the bird that the man would feed more would win. The same is true for our good and bad traits; whichever we apply more and practice comes easy to us and thus become a habit....

... According to Physics, electricity flows through the circuit of least resistance; well, our nerve currents also follow the same law. So, whoever loves eating, even on being full, his brain activates the food-relishing circuit. Whoever is greedy, in spite of having everything, desires for more because of the greed-route being kicked off too often. A lustful person feels helpless, as the lust-route is the easiest for the nerve currents to travel through. Even if he is thinking something else, his mind instinctively re-routes the nerve currrents through the easy-to-traverse path and hence lust arises.

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