Insightful Experiments to Make Wonderful Youngsters!

Dear Readers, we unanimously agree that with the change of the era, the face of humanity has also changed and for which digitalisation can be largely credited. The large networking platforms have expertise in changing and framing young minds. Yes, you got it right, as the biggest victims and addicts of these over-rated social media sites are the ‘youth’. In the rush to catch up with the world, youngsters have completely surrendered themselves to all kinds of trending tactics. The gross and artificial emoticons and conversations (on social media) have barely left space for real emotions and relations. There have been numerous experiments conducted in the past few years to study and visualise the unnoticed troubles, which this tech-savvy generation is facing. Today, let us not just theoretically have a look at few of such experiments but also grab the real practical solutions to some of the serious trending issues.


In one of the schools of the United States, a professor chided his students for being hard-core tech addicts and betted that they can’t live even for a week without their mobiles. This eventually evoked challenging feelings in the minds of some students and they decided to bring the time of 90’s back by completely going tech-free for a week. They even influenced the other schools to join the drive, thus extending the group to 250 students. Facebook spies and other methods were installed to keep a check on all the students. Finally, after a week, their experiences were recorded. Some told that they had to sweat out hard in keeping themselves away from their mobiles as old habits don’t die easily. They locked it in a cupboard to avoid an eye-contact with it. Some always felt weird for something in their pockets. One of them said that it feels good to talk to people. Some enjoyed their months-long left habits of reading ‘inked paper-books” instead of e-books. They felt as if they were living their ‘own’ lives in the true sense!

When are we going to start living our own lives rather than updating it every moment online for other people?

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