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Often there are times, when one feels low or lethargic. We also encounter many such moments when we find ourselves caught in the quicksand of challenges and problems, which make us restless. In such moments, we look out for inspirations to motivate and enthuse ourselves to revive our life. In this regard, there are a bagful of historical incidents, which serve as a reservoir to motivate us with the words of wisdom. Here is a galore of tales from lives of famous personalities, which will help satiate our hunger for motivation.


Horoscopes- one of the most renowned tools that people use nowadays to know about themselves! Their lucky colour, lucky number, personality traits, and their future! Success and motivation are controlled psychologically with the statements and numbers issued in the horoscope. Tarot cards are opened to see what is good for them and what is not.

Hold on! We have got a better version of you with respect to the horoscope, from the life of a great saint, Socrates.
Once, Socrates was into a discussion with his disciples. All of a sudden, an astrologer came over there and claimed, 'I can tell the nature of a person by reading his face. I am quite skilled in astrology.'
He continued, 'Who wants to test me? I am ready to reveal the personality traits of any one of you, right now.'

Although no one sitting there was interested, but when the astrologer repeatedly insisted, Socrates said, ' All right, great learned! Tell me what my face tells about me?'

The astrologer glanced at the face of Socrates for a while and said, 'Sir, the make of your face tells that you are against the ruling force of our state. You have a massive rebellion spirit. The curve between your eyes clearly says that you have immense anger within you...'

He was about to continue, but on listening to those words about their Master who was at peace all the while, the disciples started showing their disapproval. They asked the astrologer to leave since, what he said was not true.
'Stop! Stop!'- Socrates said to his disciples and asked the astrologer to continue with the horoscope.
The astrologer sat and said, 'Sir, I am confident about my knowledge. I know what I am quoting about you. Looking at your chin, I can clearly read that you are a sceptical person as well.'

As soon as the disciples heard that, they asked the astrologer to immediately leave that place. However, Socrates gave a smile to the astrologer and bid him adieu after giving a reward for his prediction.
Seeing that, the disciples asked- 'Master, all that the astrologer said was completely wrong. But still you smiled at him and also gave him a reward, why?'

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