Interesting Laws From Around The World

The world around us has always been governe by a set of said-and-unsaid laws and rules. While most of these cater to maintaining discipline, some are interesting and can give us hints to regulate our life as well. Let's know about some of them, prevalent across the globe.

Don't Frown!

In the Italian city of Milan, you will find locals always smiling. Well, some of them are happy, the rest are smiling as the law requires them to do so. Because if they don't carry such a disposition at the public places and wear an expression of frown, they are at high-risk of getting fined! Thankfully, some exemption are made for the ones attending a funeral or those visiting a hospital.

Life Law:  Indeed life should be lived happily and smiling. But, in order for this law to actually get instilled into the very fabric of our life, we need to tap the source of real joy within. Thereafter it will no longer be a compulsion and we will forget to frown or get drowned into sadness, wherever we are or whatsoever is the situation around us.

Don't Feed The Pigeons!

The hilly city of San Francisco, also famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, prohibits the feeding of pigeons on its streets. According to the city administration, this ubiquitous bird is to be blamed for the spreading of diseases and damaging of property. Anyone caught providing any sort of food to the pigeons, could end up losing a lot of money in hefty fines. The locals are even encouraged to report any such incident to the police.

Life Law: This law serves to be a very fitting analogy for each one of us. Here, let's consider the pigeons as our negative thoughts.  Now, each time we feed these disease-spreading pigeons, we are actually feeding our negative thoughts and emotions. And analogically, these diseases translate into severe hampering effects casted on our personality. Besides suffering from the diseases (in the form of vicious tendencies), we pay the fine as well, in the form of loss of peace, tranquility, and precious moments of life.


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