Interesting Libraries of the World!

The moment one reads ‘Interesting Libraries’, the eye-brows ascend to the third floor of the forehead, and the mind sarcastically comments, ‘What could be interesting about libraries?’ Well, dear readers, during our lifetime, each one of us must have visited a library and would have found a book that either helped us through academics, tough situations, knowledge-gathering, increasing vocabulary, or even passing some idle-time. Undoubtedly, the books housed in a library are of vital importance; but, here we share with you some libraries from world over, which are not only interesting but also an inspiration in themselves! Read on…


The red phone-booths are iconic of England. When the locals in Westbury, Somerset, heard of telephone network operator’s decision to remove one from their community, they magnificently transformed it. The result of this transformation was a delightful library which was tiny, yet housed 100 books, several DVDs, CDs contributed by locals. Till date, the volunteers ensure that readers can access this library 24 hours a day. The locals of Westbury bring the books that have been read by them and swap with the ones they want to read. The movement of books is constantly tracked and the ones being read by most are donated to a local charity shop. The void so created is filled with new books.

A telephone booth being replaced by a library-it’s indeed a great message, especially in this telephonic age, when majority, rather almost everyone around, can be seen gazing into their mobile phones. Reading is anytime better- from the perspective of health as well as knowledge, than unnecessarily staring at the small idiot-box (the addictive smart-phones)!

… This is not one interesting library we have! We have various unique libraries around the world which are of paramount significance.  …There is yet another library, which is supremely unique and worth exploration! A library, where knowledge is offered not in terms of theories, rather divine, mystical experiences! To know all this in toto, read the complete article in Mar’19 edition of Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine!

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